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Suave Salve Pak

The Suave Salve Pak will keep his lips smooth, his beard soft as well as hands and body moisturized. A great travel companion if you are planning a get away.
Article number: JAO-SUAVE

Suave Salve Pak contains:

BeardScent, for beards, cuticles, hands and hair . Use this balm to tame, soften and smell good. (medium tin .63oz)

LipJao - Need we say more? Apply often to soften lucky lips. A nourishing infusion lip balm/salve with 34% Shea Butter. (5gr)

Goē Oil - A mini jar of the only solid body oil direct from the Garden of Eden. Use sparingly, a little "Goēs" a long way. (6.5gr)

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